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Vonnegut Kurt Slaughterhouse 5

Prisoner of war, optometrist, time-traveller - these are the life roles of Billy Pilgrim, hero of this miraculously moving, bitter and funny story of innocence faced with apocalypse. Slaughterhouse 5 is one of the world's great anti-war books. Centring on the infamous fire-bombing of Dresden in the Second World War, Billy Pilgrim's odyssey through time reflects the journey of our own fractured lives as we search for meaning in what we are afraid to know.

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Vonnegut K. While Mortals Sleep

Vonnegut K. Cat s Cradle

Vonnegut K. Cat s Cradle

Vonnegut K. Breakfast of Champions

High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Breakfast of Champions, or Goodbye Blue Monday is a 1973 novel by the American author Kurt Vonnegut. Set in the fictional town of Midland City, it is the story of "two lonesome, skinny, fairly old white men on ... .. .

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Vonnegut K. Cat`s Cradle

One of Vonnegut's most highly praised novels. Filled with humor and unforgettable characters, this apocalyptic story tells of Earth's ultimate end, and presents a vision of the future that is both darkly fantastic and funny, as Vonnegut weaves a satirical commentary on modern man and his madness.

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Vonnegut Kurt Slaughterhouse-Five or the Children's Crusade

Предлагаем вниманию читателей роман знаменитого американского писателя К.Воннегута, в основе которого - впечатления автора от событий февраля 1945 г., когда союзническая авиация бомбила Дрезден. Книга снабжена заданиями на понимание текста, комментариями и словарем. Для учащихся языковых вузов и всех любителей англоязычной литературы. Подготовка текста, комментарии и словарь Ю.В.Гадаевой.

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Lawrence Block Dance at the Slaughterhouse

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