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Boscam TS832 600mW/40CH 220mA 5.8G 5KM Wireless Audio&Video Transmitter For FPV

NEW FX508 5.8GHz High Brightness 5 LCD FPV Monitor Diversity Receiver With DVR Function 800x480 Pixels 40CH For RC Quadcopter

7 inch Dvr Fpv Lcd Monitor 5.8G 40Ch Diversity Receiver Build-In Battery For Dji Rc

TOMLOV LCD5802S 5.8Ghz 40CH 7 LCD Screen 800*480 Dual Diversity Receiver FPV Monitor Built-in Battery 600cd/m2 For RC Drone

TOMLOV LT-5802S FPV Monitor 7 Inch 5.8Ghz 40CH Dual Diversity Receiver IPS LCD Display With DVR Built-in Battery For RC Drone

LS-008D 5.8G FPV Googles VR Glasses High Quality 40CH With 2000mA Battery DVR Diversity For RC Model 92% Transparent Lens Hobby

LS-008D 5.8G FPV Googles VR Glasses High Quality 40CH With 2000mA Battery DVR Diversity For RC Model 92% Transparent Lens Hobby

8GHz 1-8000Mhz OLED RF Power Meter -55~-5 dBm + Sofware Attenuation Value

Eachine EV800 5 Inches 800x480 FPV Goggles 5.8G 40CH Raceband Auto-Searching Build In Battery

Fb-009 3 Inch 480 X 320 Display 5.8G 40Ch Mini Fpv Goggles Built-In 3.7V 1200Mah Battery 5.8Ghz Receiver

Fb-009 3 Inch 480 X 320 Display 5.8G 40Ch Mini Fpv Goggles Built-In 3.7V 1200Mah Battery 5.8Ghz Receiver

RF Amplifier Low Noise LNA Broadband 10M-8GHz Gain 12dB Flatness Good Function demo Board

AD8318 Module Logarithmic Detector Amplifier Power Detection 1M-8GHz RF Meter

LS-800D FPV Goggles 5.8G 40CH 5 Inch 854*480 Video Headset HD DVR With 2000mAh Battery For RC Model

New Arrival EV800 5 Inches 800x480 FPV Video Goggles 5.8G 40CH Raceband Auto-Searching Build In Battery

Приемник Spektrum DSMX Quad Race with Diversity

Eachine TS832 Boscam FPV Transmitter 5.8G 32CH 600mW 7.4-16V Wireless AV For Multirotor Part

Alain Oustaloup Diversity and Non-integer Differentiation for System Dynamics

Based on a structured approach to diversity, notably inspired by various forms of diversity of natural origins, Diversity and Non-integer Derivation Applied to System Dynamics provides a study framework to the introduction of the non-integer derivative as a modeling tool. Modeling tools that highlight unsuspected dynamical performances (notably damping performances) in an «integer» approach of mechanics and automation are also included. Written to enable a two-tier reading, this is an essential resource for scientists, researchers, and industrial engineers interested in this subject area. Table of Contents: 1. From Diversity to Unexpected Dynamic Performance. 2. The Robustness of Damping. 3. Fractional Differentiation and its Memory. 4. CRONE Suspension Idea. 5. CRONE Control Idea

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5.8G Adjustable Power Picture Transfer Machine 40CH 25mW Black 1/4 CMOS Sensor Exquisitely Designed Durable

Boscam 200RC 2 LCD 5.8G 32Ch FPV Monitor Wireless Receiver Watch Display for DIY RC Camera Heli Quadcopter F18526

BOSCAM BOS200RC FPV Watch 200RC 5.8GHz 32CH HD 960*240 2 TFT Monitor Wireless Receiver for DIY RC Camera Heli Quadcopter F18526

Andrea Trabocchi Diversity-Oriented Synthesis. Basics and Applications in Organic Synthesis, Drug Discovery, Chemical Biology

Discover an enhanced synthetic approach to developing and screening chemical compound libraries Diversity-oriented synthesis is a new paradigm for developing large collections of structurally diverse small molecules as probes to investigate biological pathways. This book presents the most effective methods in diversity-oriented synthesis for creating small molecule collections. It offers tested and proven strategies for developing diversity-oriented synthetic libraries and screening methods for identifying ligands. Lastly, it explores some promising new applications based on diversity-oriented synthesis that have the potential to dramatically advance studies in drug discovery and chemical biology. Diversity-Oriented Synthesis begins with an introductory chapter that explores the basics, including a discussion of the relationship between diversity-oriented synthesis and classic combinatorial chemistry. Divided into four parts, the book: Offers key chemical methods for the generation of small molecules using diversity-oriented principles, including peptidomimetics and macrocycles Expands on the concept of diversity-oriented synthesis by describing chemical libraries Provides modern approaches to screening diversity-oriented synthetic libraries, including high-throughput and high-content screening, small molecule microarrays, and smart screening assays Presents the applications of diversity-oriented synthetic libraries and small molecules in drug discovery and chemical biology, reporting the results of key studies and forecasting the role of diversity-oriented synthesis in future biomedical research This book has been written and edited by leading international experts in organic synthesis and its applications. Their contributions are based on a thorough review of the current literature as well as their own firsthand experience developing synthetic methods and applications. Clearly written and extensively referenced, Diversity-Oriented Synthesis introduces novices to this highly promising field of research and serves as a springboard for experts to advance their own research studies and develop new applications.

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JMT Super Mini 800TVL AIO Micro Camera 5.8G 25MW 40CH Transmitter LST-S2 FPV

Mobula7 Part Upgrade BWhoop_VTX 5.8G 40CH 25mW~200mW Switchable VTX for RC FPV Racing Drone Quadcopter

JMT 5.8G 25MW 40CH 800TVL Transmitter LST-S2 FPV Camera 3.6g AIO Micro Parts

JMT Super Mini 800TVL AIO Micro Camera 5.8G 25MW 40CH Transmitter LST-S2 FPV

Patricia Harris Sowell None of Us is As Good All Us. How McDonald's Prospers by Embracing Inclusion and Diversity

An inside account of how McDonald's turns diversity into success Everyone knows McDonald's, one of the most recognizable brand names in the world. But few know the extent to which McDonald's continued and ongoing success is due to the company's internal philosophy of inclusion and diversity. One of the biggest employers in the world, McDonald's staff is one of the world's most racially, culturally, and religiously diverse. In None of Us Is As Good As All of Us, McDonald's Global Chief Diversity Officer, Patricia Sowell Harris, offers the first inside look at the company's philosophy of inclusion and diversity through interviews with more than 60 key employees and leaders. These accounts, of franchisees, suppliers, and employees, reveal how McDonald's embraces all races, creeds, and cultures to create unity and business achievement. • Written by Patricia Sowell Harris, McDonald's global chief diversity officer • Serves as a template for any business that wants to embrace wider diversity and use it to prosper • With a Foreword by Jim Skinner, McDonald's CEO since 2004 • A first look at the inner workings of McDonald's impressive diversity and inclusion philosophy For any business leader who wants to embrace diversity and encourage team unity, None of Us Is As Good As All of Us offers inspiration and guidance.

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Richard Crisp J. The Psychology of Social and Cultural Diversity

Promoting a scholarly understanding of the psychology of social and cultural diversity in the early stages of 21st century, this volume encourages an in-depth appreciation of the value in diversity while directly addressing social intervention and policy implications. Offers, for the very first time, an integrated approach to the issues raised by increasingly complex representations of social identity Explores the psychological implications and applications of new forms of social and cultural diversity Includes research from a diverse range of scholars that covers a broad spectrum of sub-disciplines Discusses how the applications of multiculturalism and diversity research can encourage more positive intergroup relations Develops an in depth understanding and appreciation of the value of social and cultural diversity

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Redia Anderson Trailblazers. How Top Business Leaders are Accelerating Results through Inclusion and Diversity

Make diversity your competitive advantage To reap the full benefits of diversity and inclusion, today's forward thinking companies look past «diversity» training towards a more comprehensive, holistic business approach. These leaders incorporate diversity and inclusion into every aspect of business culture, employee engagement, talent management and market penetration. Trailblazers reveals the practices, metrics and research, as well as the anecdotal evidence, for building and sustaining workplace cultures that make strategic diversity and inclusion a business necessity. Focusing on concrete actions you can implement immediately, this insider guide profiles the best practices award-winning companies have used on a sustained basis to transform their organizations. Captures insights and best practices from the most effective Chief Diversity Officers, several of which are determined by the Diversity Inc Top 50 Companies for Diversity Companies profiled include IBM, Dell, Verizon, Merck and Co, Sodexo, Verizon, Andrews Kurth, The Coca-Cola Company, American Airlines, Citi, Ford, Shell and Pitney Bowes Covers everything from how to use employee resource groups to help target consumers and forge tighter client relationships; from talent optimization, leadership development and retention, to increasing middle management engagement and the skill-sets required for effective Chief Diversity Officers as true business partners and more Trailblazers gives you an in-depth view from the inside out of which practical solutions make diversity and inclusion efforts a systemic and winning way of doing business for today's top-performing companies.

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LST-S2+ AIO 800TVL CMOS Mini FPV Camera CAM RC Toy Parts Accessories with OSD 5.8G 40CH 25mW Whip Antenna for Racing Drone

LST-S2 AIO 800TVL CMOS Mini FPV Camera CAM RC Toy Parts Accessories with 5.8G 40CH 25mW Whip Antenna for Racing Drone

Upgrade FPV Watch 200RC 5.8GHz 40CH HD 960*240 2 TFT Monitor Wireless Receiver for DIY RC Camera Heli Quadcopter